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At HMS, we value the tremendous contributions of our employees, and we recognize that it is our people that make HMS successful. We work hard to maintain our vibrant, innovative, and welcoming culture, and we strive to support our staff as they grow and develop both personally and professionally.


The bulk of this job is analyzing complex technical problems, diagnosing their root cause, and finding solutions to help us get the most out of our products and those of other manufacturers. This requires a focus on teamwork and meeting goals. Our company’s leading position in the automated industry comes from innovative ideas, quality work, and customer centricity.

As part of the R&D team, you’ll be responsible for maintenance-related tasks, new products and new features. Your day will start with our daily standup in which we discuss the progress of our 2-weekly sprints and distribute tasks to be done. In the longer term, you’ll be asked to investigate new technologies and developments that could be interesting for our product portfolio.


What we need is a Senior Embedded Software Engineer who has an inquisitive mind and a focus on what provides most value for the customer. Someone who lives by the mantra: “What can I do today to make the life of a network communications field technician so much easier?”

Sure, you need comprehensive knowledge of Java, Spring boot, Kubernetes, software design patterns, operating systems and version management systems. That’s because we’ll be giving you the autonomy to develop and maintain our software and systems. You’ll also be expected to coach junior engineers.

Our internal processes revolve around mentorship and small teams. This means you’ll be given constructive feedback, the space to make your mark, and the support you need to improve the efficiency and stability of our applications. Sound good?

You’d be great for this position if you:

  • have a bachelor’s degree and at least 6 years’ experience in a relevant field
  • possess excellent verbal and written skills in English (we’re a global company)
  • are self-motivated and passionate about your work and embedded systems
  • have considerable experience in working as part of a team and leading teams
  • are willing to propose ideas and to seek the best (not just the desired) path.

An agile mindset and a respect for our roadmap is much more important to us than your technical qualifications.


At HMS, we believe that connecting matters in everything from making machines talk to engaging with our customers. Our state-of-the-art technology provides a fast and easy way to network millions of industrial devices all over the world. From factory automation to connected buildings, remote solutions, and future technologies, we provide innovative solutions that save you time and money creating a more productive and sustainable world. HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software ™.

HMS is a truly international company, and we like to think that we share a common culture. Heart, Mind and Soul is a summary of how we do things (makes for a pretty good abbreviation too).

Welcome to HMS, this is HMS!


If you want to know more about the role, please contact recruiting manager Giovanni Avila, If you want to know more about the recruitment process, please contact HR Myra Veltkamp,

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