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At HMS, we value the tremendous contributions of our employees, and we recognize that it is our people that make HMS successful. We work hard to maintain our vibrant, innovative, and welcoming culture, and we strive to support our staff as they grow and develop both personally and professionally.


The Software Quality Engineer is responsible for maintaining, operating and developing the systems that ensure high software quality during software development as well as well-structured handling of software maintenance.


Assist the development team in creating quality software

The Software Quality Engineer guides members of the software development team in adhering to best practices and methods of software development that ensure high software quality.

Maintain and introduce new quality software development tooling

The Software Quality Engineer ensures that modern technologies and tools are employed in the continuous delivery process that provide feedback to the developers and the Product Owner about software quality. These measures ensure that the quality measures are kept and there is continuous improvement.

Improve coverage of automated end-to-end testing

The Software Quality Engineer works with the software development team to develop well-maintainable automated end-to-end tests within an open source testing framework to provide quick feedback about software regression before a software release goes through manual functional testing.

Organize functional release testing

The Software Quality Engineer is responsible for organizing manual functional testing of software releases, supplying documentation and tooling that ensures fast and reliable test results by manual testers.

Improve feedback systems from internal and external testers and users

The Software Quality Engineer identifies and corrects bottlenecks in the feedback process and ensures that bug reports get to the development team in a timely and well-organized manner.



  • communication skills
  • working as part of a team
  • critical and analytical thinking
  • precision, attention to detail
  • eager to learn and introduce new technologies


  • either C++, TypeScript, Java or Python programming language
  • software quality measures and tooling (i.e. unit testing, e2e testing, static code analysis frameworks and tools)
  • issue tracking systems
  • writing manual test specifications
  • experience with industrial networks is a plus


At HMS, we believe that connecting matters in everything from making machines talk to engaging with our customers. Our state-of-the-art technology provides a fast and easy way to network millions of industrial devices all over the world. From factory automation to connected buildings, remote solutions, and future technologies, we provide innovative solutions that save you time and money creating a more productive and sustainable world. HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software ™.

HMS is a truly international company, and we like to think that we share a common culture. Heart, Mind and Soul is a summary of how we do things (makes for a pretty good abbreviation too).

Welcome to HMS, this is HMS!


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