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HMS’ Business Unit Anybus is looking for a technical copywriter to join the marketing team in Halmstad.

We are looking for a person who knows the challenges of marketing a technical or industrial product. Whether you are selling a software service or a high-tech industrial communication device, you know how to communicate features and benefits without boring the reader or getting caught up in technical details.

You do not have to be an expert on the type of products we develop, but you do need to feel confident about tackling technical topics. You should be comfortable doing research and have the ability to think critically. You should be able to provide background information, to shorten the learning curve. The more complex your topic, the greater your ability  to provide input.

In this role you will need to understand what our technologies, services and products do, who it is for and why someone needs it.

You will have an important function in a small and efficient marketing team that produces content marketing, product launches, digital marketing campaigns, web content, sales presentations and trainings.

HMS Networks has been acknowledged as a great place to work, due to our friendly and welcoming environment. The Anybus marketing team is located at HMS 'head office in Halmstad, where we are close to developers, engineers and technical professionals. In addition, we work closely with people from HMS 'own sales and support offices located in 16 different countries around the world.

Role description:

  • Research and communicate complicated technology topics in clear, concise ways to a non-technical audience
  • Produce text for large projects such as product brochures, press releases, data sheets, customer success stories, whitepapers etc.
  • Produce text for small marketing activities such as newsletter posts, blog posts, texts for web, and social media
  • Work collaboratively within a cross-functional team environment with art directors, designers, engineers, strategists, and product managers
  • Create original, breakthrough work
  • Translate complex strategic approaches into easily accessible creative concepts


  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Excellent ability to research technical topics, interview customers, and technical experts to acquire knowledge
  • Excellent ability to convert technical information into marketing text
  • Excellent ability to write compelling marketing text for digital marketing and social media
  • An interest in product storytelling and project strategy

If you have questions about the role or the company, please contact Magnus Jansson, Marketing Director Anybus, at or telephone 0726 - 01 30 43


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Anna Hoffert


Ad has been closed and it is no longer possible to apply.